I think I have an addiction. Like an addiction to tattoos and peircings, but less permanent. I have an addiction to making blogs. I think I’m up to 4 at the moment, and, I’m ashamed to admit, almost started yet another one. And then I remembered I had Giedd.

So instead of restarting, I’m going to go with a revamp. I’m not quite sure what this blog was supposed to be originally, but whatever the format was, I don’t think it works for me any more. I have a professional blog now, Things Medieval, and that takes over posts about academia, etc. What I really need a space to just send ideas into the void. A sounding board.

So I think I’m going to be posting here a lot more often now, but in a much less coherent way. I’m going to post about food, about my daily life, about things I don’t understand, and, most of all, about my little pet side-project to be: outreach and the humanities. There will be a lot of madness, but hopefully a little method will emerge.

I hope you enjoy. All 1.25 of you devoted readers.

And yes, that includes myself.

Hooray for new beginnings!



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