Early New Year’s Resolution

It’s assignment-writing time, and therefore my writing juices are flowing and I’m yearning for my blog(s), yearning to procrastinate by writing about food and coffee and blues and anything but articles I read about medieval medicine three years ago.

I don’t write nearly enough. I’ve come to the realisation that I simply cannot maintain my medieval blog during term time. I really love what I do, but after spending 8 hours of my day reading about the middle ages, the last thing I want to do when I come home is write about them.

The problem is, I feel guilty for not maintaining it, and I feel guilty for maintainig Giedd while Things Medieval lies fallow. So I simply stop writing, and do other things. I bake, I discover bits of cities I’ve never known before, but I do not write about these things.

So here is my resolution: Beginning on December 1, I will blog once a week. About anything. On either blog. But once a week something I’ve written will be sent out into the internety void.

As you are my witness.



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