Open Letter to Drivers from a Frustrated Cyclist

I am a good cyclist. I follow the rules. I signal. I wait my turn. I use the correct lanes and stay as close to the curb as I can. I don’t suddenly decide I’m a pedestrian and hop on the sidewalk or run a light. I don’t dart through traffic.

The thing is, Drivers, that if you want me to behave like a vehicle, you have to treat me like a vehicle. Respect my right of way at roundabouts and four way stops. Do not turn into me at T-intersections if I am going straight. Make room for me when I signal. Do not, under any circumstances, turn outside of me when I’m turning through an intersection, and check that I’m not by the curb when you turn left (or right, in North America). Stop assuming that because I’m small I can fit anywhere; if you turn into me – especially if you are a bus – you WILL crush every bone in my body. And if you don’t want me darting between cars, then don’t make me dart to avoid being hit by you.

Remember: I am infinitely more breakable than you are, and you are infinitely more liable.


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