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This made all of the other food experineces I have ever had in my life completely irrelevant.

This was at a dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong, which received a Michelin star, but never raised their prices. The entire dinner (it’s that busy – forget getting in at normal dim sum times) cost us $7 Canadian. For two people.

This was a steamed bun filled with egg. This bun was soft and flaky, the egg was the perfect consistencey and just a litte sweet. Every bite literally melted in your mouth, while leaving you with a soft, subtle, sweet taste. So good.

And then, we had this:

That’s jelly. With some kind of flowers in it. I don’t remember much about it, except that it tasted like nothing else I’ve ever had. Like tea in jelly form. But better.

I can’t even.


On (Good) Friday, a few friends and I went to CB2 cafe to do some reading, as our usual study spot closed down for the holiday. The studying in cafes thing isn’t as big here as in Canada, so this is the first time I’d actually done my reading in a cafe.

CB2 turend out to be a great spot. Just East of the Grafton, it’s quite close to the city centre, and it has a great atmosphere. We went upstairs, which had huge windows and shelves upon shelves of books (including one with a picture of an Anglo-Saxon brooch on the back, which I didn’t get a closer look at since that would have involved creepily leaning over a random stranger):

There were tons of people doing work there the day we went, and surprisingly most of them were not ex-pats. It was quiet with just enough white noise to make working comfortable.

The coffee wasn’t great – not nearly as good as Fitzbillies’ – but good enough to fuel a few hours of reading and contentment. I had a capuccino:

I think this was about £2.00. J had a coffee and a chocolate croissant, delicious and hot out of the oven:

All in all, good food and a great place to study. It has a reputation as a cultural hub, and apparently they have concerts on Friday and Saturday nights. Can’t wait to check those out! Updates to follow.