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Can someone explain to me why we’re still touting Ian Millar? His star horse died in the 80s, and he’s been terrible since then. He’s been in 9 olympics but won his first medal in 2008 – but only in the team event.

His past results, off CTV:

Munich 1972 – Finished sixth in team mixed jumping

Montreal 1976 – Finished fifth in team mixed jumping

Los Angeles 1984 – Finished fourth in team mixed jumping

Los Angeles 1984 – Tied for 14th in individual mixed jumping

Seoul 1988 – Finished fourth in team mixed jumping

Seoul 1988 – Finished 15th in individual mixed jumping

Barcelona 1992 – Finished ninth in team mixed jumping

Barcelona 1992 – Placed 54th in the qualifying round in individual mixed jumping

Atlanta 1996 – Finished 16th in team mixed jumping

Atlanta 1996 – Tied for 46th in the qualifying round in individual mixed jumping

Sydney 2000 – Finished ninth in team mixed jumping

Sydney 2000 – Finished 13th in individual mixed jumping

Athens 2004 – Finished 22nd in individual mixed jumping

Beijing 2008 – Won silver in team mixed jumping

Beijing 2008 – Tied for 23rd in individual mixed jumping

The man placed 54th in ’92, 16th in ’96, and 46th in ’96 again. Today, he had 4 faults in the qualifier.

Eric Lamaze, on the other hand:

Won gold in Beijing 2008

Won team silver in Beijing 2008

Won bronze at the 2010 World Championships

First Canadian equestrian athlete to win Olympic gold

And he had a clean ride today. So remind me why Ian Millar is on all the front pages?

Case in point:

Defending champion Eric Lamaze had the strongest performance for Canada as the veteran show jumper had a penalty-free round while riding Derly Chin De Muze.

Ian Millar , 65, posted the 42nd best score of the opening round. He finished with only four penalty points in his record 10th Olympic Games appearance. He rode Star Power on Saturday, which is the eighth different horse he has competed with during his renowned career.

ONLY four points??? Renowned career???? What on earth is in your cool-aid, Canada?


When my parents were visiting we stumbled into a lovely restaurant in Notting Hill called Granger & Co.

It was a bright and gorgeous space, with huge windows, light wood, shining wine glasses and smiling, chatty staff.

I had a cappuccino:

and a semolina-crusted calamari salad, with baby spinach and fennel, and a lime and harissa mayo (£10.90):

They were cooked perfectly and were tender with just the right amount of crispiness in the semolina coating. The dip they served with it was sour and spicy – a bit too sour for my mood at the time, but it complemented the calamari really well and I can easily see someone else loving it.

My parents each had ricotta hotcakes (£10.80), topped with banana and caramel butter, served with maple syrup (as far as I recall). One of the best things I’ve eaten in a long while (I had to try some of theirs, obviously). The butter melted over them, caramel and all, and the ricotta added a great texture to balance out the bananas and butter. A delicious heart attack on a…bowl.

Great food and a great vibe. It was a bit on the pricier side (it is, after all, Notting Hill), but well worth a visit.

This place had been highly recommended to me, and I finally got a chance to check it out.

What can I say? This is probably the best Asian food I’ve had in Cambridge, and by that I mean that the dishes were traditional and tasted mostly like they were supposed to. How good they were was a bit of a hit and miss.

We started off with some steamed buns with pork, egg, or beef in them. The bun was overdone, the texture a bit too (stale) bready and the egg oversteamed but still delicious. The pork tasted the way it should, but the texture was completely off. I have no idea what they did to that poor piece of meat:

The dumplings (veggie & egg), on the other hand, were perfect. Perfect texture and absolutely delicious.

Here’s the inside:

Then we had some glutinous rice balls with red bean:

They were quite good, but the soup wasn’t quite sweet enough and I think it could have used a bit more red bean:

We were still hungry when we finished, so we ordered some noodles with egg and tomato.

This tasted quite different from all of the other iterations I’ve ever had, but I actually really liked it. The tomato tasted a bit like pasta sauce, which works for me since I don’t really like heated tomatoes. Not authentic (but then again, how authentic can egg and tomato be?!), but yummy.

The whole lunch came to £16.00, and in retrospect was probably more that three people had any business trying to finish (no regrets). All in all, I probably will come back here for my fix of Chinese goodness, but it’s no Hong Kong. Or Toronto. Or London.

Speaking of London, I had some dim sum there earlier in the year. It was ridiculously priced at £16.00 per PERSON (!!!!), but the food was absolutely fantastic, and a quick dip into a bakery afterwards for a sesame ball (I don’t remember how much this was, but certainly less than £1) was just as satisfying.